Web browsers

Definition of web browser :-Web Browser is a program by the help of web browser  a user use world wide web (WWW) and see all the information.

All the information are store on the internet in html format

there are some web browser Microsoft Explorer , Netscape Navigator,Mosaic these are some Web browser software. these software are have many menu

Internet explorer :-  This software are install with the operating system but we get the Microsoft site .

Elements of Internet explorer:-

  1. title bar- Top window of the browser window called title bar. It show the webpage name
  2. Menu bar-: It store all the menu list as like File Edit View Etc.
  3. Tool bar -:There are many tools are available
  4. .Document window-:
  5. Scroll bar – By  this button we can scroll the page
  6. Status bar:-by the bottom scroll status bar is available
  7. Tool bar -: in this has many tools of short cut
  8. Link tool bar
  9. address tool bar- in this tool bar has a address of website that we are looking

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