computer output devices

Output device:- An output device is any  peripheral that receives data from a computer, usually for display, projection, or physical reproduction. For example, the image shows an inkjet printer, an output device that can make a hard copy  of any information shown on your monitor, which is another example of an output device. Monitors and printers are two of … Read more

Computer Input device

Definition:- When you work with the computer you enter your date and instruction through some devices to the computer. These devices are called input devices. The input devices are necessary to convert data or instructions enter into the computer to a form which can be recognized by the computer. Some of the commonly used input … Read more

Components and Peripherals of Computer

Introduction to Computer Components and Peripherals-: A computer consists of several physical components and each physical component is designated to perform one of the operations discussed in the previous section. These physical components of a computer are called hardware. The computer hardware device can be attached internally or externally to the computer. Devices connected internal … Read more

How Computer Works

A computer usually performs four major operations or functions mentioned below Input: Accepting data and instruction Processing: Process the data based on instructions Output: Produce the processed data to the output devices Storage: Stores the data/Information on the Hard disk

Basic Elements of a Computer

Hardware & Software:- Computer consists of two basic building called Hardware & Software. All the physical parts of the computer which can felt are Hardware components. Example: Motherboard, Hard disk, SMPS, Processor, RAM etc. Software is set of programs containing set of instructions to perform the task. It can be classified in to system software … Read more

Data Transfer inside a Computer

All the data movements within a computer occur through buses. A bus is a group of electrical conductors, mostly wires, running parallel to each other carrying a charge form one point to another within the computer. A bus can be copper traces on a circuit board or wires in a cable. Usually, a bus is … Read more

Application Areas of Computers

The influences of computers are widespread and are used in various application areas mentioned below. Business Area:- Business people use computers to track accounts, cash transactions inventory management, to store information, order history, maintaining sale transaction records and prepare the reports. Now a days, several organizations use computers for doing transaction online. They have their … Read more

The Equipment are computer

Computer has 3 types parts 1.Input parts keyboard , Mouse, Touch screen, Light pen, Scanner, Ternimal 2 Processing cpu (central processing unit) 3. Output Monitors, Printers,Plator, Micro film 4. Storage Unit Ic(intergrated circuit), Flappy, Hard disc, Magnetic Tape, CD, Disk

Types of Computer

According of size-:  According the size of the computer has four types. 1-Micro Computer– in this types computer are very small. in this computer microprocessor was used so its called micro computer example IBM pc. Desktop computers, laptops, personal digital assistant , tablets & smartphones are all types of microcomputers. These computers are the cheapest … Read more