fileupload control in csharp

What is a FileUpload control in csharp -: This control is use for uploading a file. image, or any video.We can insert any file in our web server using the Asp.Net FileUpload control that allows us to upload files to a Web Server or storage in a Web Form. FileUpload control is a part … Read more fileupload control in csharp

How to completely Uninstall any software from your Computer

Uninstalling software in computer -: There are many process for uninstall the software from computer. There are different way for uninstalling software in different operating system software. For uninstalling the software in window -: In the windows operating system first click the start menu and select the control panel menu. Here a window will open … Read more How to completely Uninstall any software from your Computer

Adrotator control in csharp

The AdRotator control in csharp present ad images that when clicked, Navigated to a new web location.Each time the page is loaded into the browser an ad is randomly selected from a predefined list. The rotation file defines the following the attributes of each ad. Except for ImageUrl, these attributes are optional in … Read more Adrotator control in csharp

Radio button control in csharp

Introduction of Radio Button control-: This is another server side control.Radio Button are the option button in which we can select one option at a time. The radio button list control provide a single selection checked list.Like other list control, radiobuttonlist has an item collection with member that correspond to each item in the list. … Read more Radio button control in csharp

How to use image control in csharp

Image control in csharp-: Image control is used to display image into your web page. This is the server side control.In the csharp language we can use three type image control. Image Control-: In the image control we can insert image here. Image Button-:This control is used for inserting a image here. It’s … Read more How to use image control in csharp

Dropdownlist control in csharp

Introduction of dropdownlist control -: This control is a server side control. Dropdownlist control is used to create a dropdown list. Each selected item in a dropdownlist control is defined by a list item elements.The dropdownlist control called the combo box because it store multiple item but we can select one item. How to add … Read more Dropdownlist control in csharp

List box control in csharp

Introduction of list box control in csharp-: We know that the list box control is the server side control. The list box control have collection of items. We can add or remove any item pro-grammatically. The list box control provides a single line selection or multi-line selection list. To enable multiple selection set the … Read more List box control in csharp