How to Start Email Marketing

Definition of Email Marketing -: Before we start email marketing it is necessary to know about this. Promote your business by taking the help of electronic mail(email) for any business promotion. In other words we can say that the promotion of new products or information about the offer or attracting people towards you by email … Read more How to Start Email Marketing

fileupload control in csharp

What is a FileUpload control in csharp -: This control is use for uploading a file. image, or any video.We can insert any file in our web server using the Asp.Net FileUpload control that allows us to upload files to a Web Server or storage in a Web Form. FileUpload control is a part … Read more fileupload control in csharp

How to completely Uninstall any software from your Computer

Uninstalling software in computer -: There are many process for uninstall the software from computer. There are different way for uninstalling software in different operating system software. For uninstalling the software in window -: In the windows operating system first click the start menu and select the control panel menu. Here a window will open … Read more How to completely Uninstall any software from your Computer

Adrotator control in csharp

The AdRotator control in csharp present ad images that when clicked, Navigated to a new web location.Each time the page is loaded into the browser an ad is randomly selected from a predefined list. The rotation file defines the following the attributes of each ad. Except for ImageUrl, these attributes are optional in … Read more Adrotator control in csharp

Radio button control in csharp

Introduction of Radio Button control-: This is another server side control.Radio Button are the option button in which we can select one option at a time. The radio button list control provide a single selection checked list.Like other list control, radiobuttonlist has an item collection with member that correspond to each item in the list. … Read more Radio button control in csharp

How to use image control in csharp

Image control in csharp-: Image control is used to display image into your web page. This is the server side control.In the csharp language we can use three type image control. Image Control-: In the image control we can insert image here. Image Button-:This control is used for inserting a image here. It’s … Read more How to use image control in csharp