Learning html commands and use

html commands -: Here are multiple html command are given Subscript -: By the help of this command we can create subscript. This is mostly use in math and other formula  as like <body> netnic<sub>.org</sub>// use of subscript </body> output—–   Superscript-: By the help of this command we can create superscript.  as like  <body> netnic<sup>.org</sup> … Read more

html formatting command

HTML Format command -: In html language provide all type formatting command here are some BOLD-: This command use for text in Bold in html language as like  its represent <b> <html> <head> <title>tips and Technic of computer and internet</title> </head> <body> <b> http://netnic.org</b><br /> http://netnic.org                      … Read more

Learning HTML

Introduction of HTML-: Its main purpose for developing a wold wide pages. means  HTML was developed for the web application. HTML is not a programming language but it is know as a markup language. BY the help of html we can create our web page. By the help of any computer test editor as like … Read more

String in c language

String definition -:  A string is a sequence of characters that is treated as a single data item.  Any group of character (except double quote sign) defined between double quotation marks is a string constant as like ” Vikarm is always right ” if we want to include a double quote in the string to … Read more

Array in C

Array Definition-: In many application we need to handle a large volume of data in terms of reading,processing and printing. to process such large amount of data we need a powerful data type that would facilitate efficient sorting accessing and manipulation of data items. C support a derived data type known as array. An array … Read more

Data structure in C

Data structure in C:– C support a rich set of derived and user define data type.Data structures are used to store data in a computer in an organized form. In C Programming Language Different types of data structures are; Array, Stack, Queue, Linked List, Tree. In term of computer programming language, a data structure may … Read more

Looping in C language

Introduction of looping -: Suppose if we want to calculate all sum of integer 1 to 1000. It is not possible in  IF statement. This will be written in this way sum = sum + n*n; 1000 time it is called the loop. In looping a sequence of statement are executed until some conditional for termination … Read more

Decision making and branching system in C language

 introduction-: we have seen that C program is a set of statements which are normally executed sequentially in the order in which they appear.this happens when no option or no repetition for certain calculation are necessary . how were in practice we have a number of situation where we may have to change the order … Read more

Bitwise operators in c

Bitwise operators-: “c” has a districts of supporting special operation known as bitwise operator for manipulation of data at bit level.These operators are used for testing bit,shifting them right or left. bitwise operators may not be applied to float or double. these are bitwise operators as like here &            bitwise AND  … Read more

Conditional operators in c

Conditional operators in c-:  In c language provide a special type operators . This is called the ternary operators.  A ternary operators pair in “?” is available in c language its called a conditional operators for example  if we have 3  condition  we can use this operators expression 1 ? expression 2 : expression 3 … Read more