Relation operator in C

Relation operator-:  we obtain compare two quantities and depending on their relation.Take certain decision For example- we make compare the age of 2 person or the  price of two items, and so on.These comparison can be done with the help of Relational operators. we have already used  the symbol is greater(<) than meaning less than … Read more

arithmetic operators in C

arithmetic operators C-:”C” provide all the basic arithmetic operators the operator + – multiplication division these are work for the same way as they do in other language these can operate on any built in data type allowed in C .the unary   minus operator in effect multiplies its single operate by -1 therefore a number preceded … Read more

Operators in C

operator in C language:- C support a rich set of built in operator we have already used several of them such as equal to add(+)Minus(-)  multiplication(*) and division(/) operator is a symbol that tells the computer to perform certain mathematics or logical manipulation. operators are used in program to manipulate data and variables. they usually form … Read more

Data type and its type in C

Data Types-:data types “C”language is rich in its data type. storage representation and machine instruction to handle constant differ from machine to machine. the variety of data types available allow the programmer to select the type approach appropriate to the needs of the application as well as the machine. ANSI supports 3 classes of data … Read more

Variables in c language

Variables-: A variable is  data name that may be used to store a data valueonly constant that remain unchanged during the execution of a program a variable may take different values at different times during execution.We used several variable in our program . variable store the value of money at the end of each year … Read more


● CONSTANTS-: Constants are like a variable that don’t change during execution. C refer to fixed value that do not change during the execution of a program. There are two two types of constants in c language : 1. Numeric constants ◆ Integer constants ◆ real constants 2. Character constants ◆ single character constants ◆ … Read more

TOKENS IN C language

Tokens in c programming language-: C  language provide many types tokens. In this  passage passage of text individual words and punctuation marks are called tokens. Similarly in a C program are the program the smallest individual units are known as C tokens. In the C language  has 6 types of tokens. C programs are written using … Read more

Character Set IN C Language

 Character set In C programming Language-: The characters that can be used to form words numbers and expressions depend upon that computer on which the program is run.  However, is subset of characters is available that can be used on most personal Micro Mini and mainframe computers. The characters in C are grouped into the … Read more

Importance of C Language

importance of C -: The increasing popularity of C is probably due to its many desirable qualities. it is a robust language rich set of built in function and operators can be used to write any Complex programs.The C compiler combine the capabilities of an assembly language with the features or a high level language and … Read more

History of C Programming language

History of C -:  “C” seems a strange name for a programming language.But this strange name sounding language is one of the most popular computer languages today because it is a structured,high level, machine independent language. it allows software developer to develop programs without worrying about the hardware platform where they will be implemented. The root … Read more