describing and storing data in dbms

DBMS is always concerned with some rel world enterprise.Data store in DBMS describe real world entities and represent relationship between these entities.  As like there are employees,departments and project in a company and data in the company database describe these entities. In terms of their attribute and relation ship to other entities. Data can be … Read more

dbms vs file system

File system-:A file system is a process that manages  data into the hard disk drive (HDD). Data are  stored, accessed and managed. It is a logical disk component that manages a disk’s internal operations as it relates to a computer and is abstract to a human user. Without a file system, data  stored information wouldn’t … Read more

introduction of dbms

Introduction -:  DBMS means database management system. DBMS is a specialized computer application to a central component of computing environment.  DBMS play a vital role in organizing data about a particular enterprise. Example- A company store the data  his employees (Employee name,number,address,salary etc.) Departments no, name location, project name,number etc.   These are related to each … Read more